Friday, July 1, 2011

Master Cleanse Prelude

Today, I will go and return the Organic Total Body Cleanse that I purchased from Whole Foods yesterday in lieu of the items for the Master Cleanse. I really need to commit to something in my life and not only am I benefitting from this cleanse, but it will help me to follow through. I am at a time in my life where I am questioning a lot of things and I need my clarity to be on point. By eliminating people and food from my life, I will pretty much eliminate distractions. I forgot to add to my list that I am having issues with sleeping. The hours I sleep are pretty sporadic. I am lethargic mostly and have a lack of energy. Tonight I intend to start the tea and in the a.m. the salt water flush. Yes, it is a holiday weekend, but I have no plans! I guess by choice... I will clean my body and my loft :)

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