Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Master Cleanse Days 1, 2, & 3

I kicked off the Master Cleanse Diet officially July 1st by taking a Smooth Laxative. When I awake on Saturday morning, things were moving as they should have *no details will be given* other than, it works. The first day of the cleanse was uneventful; of course, I was very hungry as expected. I only drank five glasses of the tea. I daydreamed of hot dogs for some reason and I don't even eat hot dogs. I could taste the relish, and mustard in my mouth as if I was "actually" eating on one. It was weird, gross and satisfying all at the same time. I really didn't present with any physical challenges. On day two, Sunday, I was really irritable in that sound was very annoying to me. Every sound seemed to be magnified, and seemed to be loud. The t.v. had to be on a very low volume otherwise, it drived me insane. The fireworks being popped got on my nerves to no end. I did have some hunger pains but not as intense as the first day. I had probably two eliminations the second day. On Monday, day 3, it was a breeze. I went and bought some peppermint tea to help curb my hunger. Drinking something warm always seem to do the trick for me. I just imagine I am drinking warm broth. THe only thing is my breath is YUCKY despite the number of times I brush and I am experiencing frequent urination, which is inconvenient especially during my sleep. On Tuesday, Day 3 today, I have a headache as like day 1 and 2; and also the morning of day 3. I have opted to let it pass and not take any medication. I am at work and just drank my first glass of tea at 11 ish. I will not drink any tea after 7:00; I am trying to discipline myself not to have any food after 7 even after I complete the cleanse. So far so good.

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