Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Twist and Shout!!

In July I set out to do a protective style challenge, wearing twist all month redoing once or biweekly. This was truly a challenge for me as I like to wear my hair out! However, once I started to see the length in as little as two weeks, I decided to stick it out. My hair has become noticeably fuller with the use of castor oil three or four times a week. I do infrequent scalp massages, and utilize the contents of my spray bottle for moisture! I have also been taking supplements to aid in the healthiness of my hair. I realize that everything starts internally. You can put on all the product that you want, but if you aren't healthy overall, the health of your hair is also compromised. So, I have taken pictures of my twists at various stages in this challenge. Although the challenge is over, I am still wearing twists. So the photo montage......... :)