Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Took me about two hours to do these. I twisted with coconut oil.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


While I've experienced success from using biotin, it reaks havoc on my skin so I've reduce the dosage. I was taking two a day versus the recommended dose of one. I'm kind of scared to use it at all considering the fact that I've never had bad skin. It freaked me out when I saw the bumps on my face, like majorly! I will test it out to see if the reducing the dosage works for me, if not, I will discontinue. I'd rather have great skin than a head full of flowing hair :)

Hair obsession

I'm realizing that I pay a lot of attention to my hair. I'm always looking in the mirror at it, touching it, wishing it were at the length I want it to be. Hair is a focus of mine, even if it's not my own, I am constantly on website surrounding hair, ie.,,,, and here lately a myriad of hair blogs. I am a hair junky! HOWEVER, I am reaching a point of frustration of my own. Although my hair has grown "some" since the onset of this blog, I am disappointed that I've not gained more length than I have. Some would say focus on the health of it and all will follow, and I myself have even said that, but when I see styles I want to do but don't have the hair for it, I do become frustrated. Anywho, I've been doing styles that I like on the length I have so I will post pics below. Enjoy :)