Friday, September 14, 2012

p90x Day 1-3

DAY 1 -I sucked the first day only making it through 20 minutes. Day 2- Plyometrics the mother of all workouts I made it through 35 minutes, and I was sore from day 1. My pains in my chest were excruciating. My arms felt like dead weight. I literally was in so much pain but I knew that day 3 was coming and I am not a quitter, so I worked through the pain. Day 3- arms, shoulder and abs - funny thing is afer I finished the arms and shoulders, I thought I was done and then here comes ab ripper. I relished in joy that I completed an hour finally, but then ab ribber quickly caused sweat to pour from my body and again, I found myself having to push past the pain. Day 4