Tuesday, July 6, 2010

nappy chameleon

The following hairstyles are not months apart but rather a day apart from each other, Saturday- Wash n GO (shrunken) Sunday- Fro and Monday- twist out.

By looking at the first picture, one would think I did a big chop, but it is simply washed with a little oil rubbed through it. The following day I felt liberated and wanted to wear my fro! Boy did I turn heads and cause a bit of curiosity. I had gone in to Wal-Mart the day before with my very shrunken fro and the following day I had to go back to Wal-Mart, yeah I know, I have no life..... but this time I was rocking the fro. Ironically, the same guy checked me out the day before. The lady behind me was just in awe of my hair and the guy at the check out was like that is not her hair!!! I had to allow this negro to do a scalp check. He was just like man, that is neat, how did you get your hair to do that. I told him that was the beauty in our hair. It simply can do whatever we want it to do. It got me to thinking about WHY women relax their hair versus keeping it natural. Yes, it is a choice, but the choice doesn't make sense to me. By being natural I can simply wear it in its natural state, I can fro it, I can straighten it if I choose to, I can do twist outs, braid outs, coils, coil outs, fro-hawks, flat twists and a myriad of other styles. To me, you minimize your choices when you relax your hair It will only be straight unless you get a weave! Why not keep it nappy and be that chameleon that keeps folks wondering how did you do that?!

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