Friday, December 4, 2009

Redidication to my Naps

July 4, 2010 will be nine years since I decided to go natural. I cut my hair down to two inches on a whim on July 4th and have not looked back. It has been a journey of trial and error, but one in which I've never regretted. I must say going natural is one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in my life. When I first went natural, I depended a lot on nappturality to get me through. I owe it ALL to that website and Dee for creating such an online community of well informed women who were all on journey's of returning back to a place of napturality. This blog is dedicated to me re-dedicating the time, energy and commitment back to my hair that I once had when I first started out. Over the past nine years, my hair has truly been through it. The longest I've allowed it to grow out was approximately six inches. I obtained this length when I decided to start locks and kept the twists in without unraveling them for three months. I had a substantial amount of growth. I made the mistake of coloring my hair when I KNOW my hair can't tolerate chemicals of any kind, no matter how much I deep condition. This has pretty much been consistent throughout my journey. I will obtain the goal length and will lose it all due to coloring. Okay, I colored my hair once again four months ago, I've let that grow out and I am committing NOT to color again. I am going to let my hair grow out as long as it will grow with little or not manipulation. My diet is a mess, and I know that this is important for the health of the hair so I have decided to take some supplemental vitamins to assist me in that area. I am horrible when it comes to conditioning my hair on a regular basis, and my regimen went to strict to non-existent. I let it do what it do, and the result of that hasn't been favorable. So, I am creating this blog to help document my journey starting today.

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